Going To An Amusement Park For A First Date Is The Perfect Choice!

Going To An Amusement Park For A First Date Is The Perfect Choice!

As far as first date options go, an amusement park is an absolutely amazing idea.

This option provides you with plenty of fun, an intimate setting, and a background for success according to every single movie ever.

Amusement parks are a fun thing to do on any day, but for dates they bring something truly special.

This is what makes them such a great idea for going on a date with someone whether you have been together forever or it is your first date.

The kind of bonding that happens at an amusement park is exactly what you would expect to precede a completely successful relationship. In the very least, it’s a lot of fun.

Why it is a fun choice

There are plenty of reasons why amusement parks make for such a fun date idea.

This setting comes complete with all kinds of goodies to make lasting memories that you can smile at later.

At a place like this, you will never run out of things to do, which means you can firmly shoo away any awkward moments.

• Rides— The obvious fun factor at an amusement park are the rides themselves.

This is a great way to find out what the person you are dating is truly made of.

It has been said that you can see the truth behind a person’s soul in their eyes when they are about to be dropped 200 feet.

All around, cheating death with someone is a great bonding experience.

• Games— There is nothing better than playing games with someone on a date.

It allows you guys to have fun, cheer each other on, and play fight. More importantly, it gives you the chance to focus on something else.

This means if things get awkward, you can immediately replace it with a good time.

• Total Lack Of Predictability— Amusement parks are wild, and that means that you guys will always be up for a unique experience.

Whether you’re going to the regular park or the water park, you can always expect a huge adventure.

There will always be something weird to see or something sticky to discuss. 

Why it is a romantic choice

Beyond merely being a good time, an amusement park makes for a perfect date backdrop because it can be incredibly romantic.

Amusement parks are full of all kinds of moments that are designed to bring you and a boo closer together.

For two people feeling each other out from a dating perspective, you can’t do much better.

• You’re Forced To Be Close— Amusement parks are packed full of people, which means a couple of things.

First of all, they’re very loud. That means to talk, you and your date will need to be pretty close. It also means that in order to avoid being lost, you will want to walk closely together.

This is a great opportunity to hold hands.

• Adrenaline Is A Powerful Hormone— The main reason that amusement parks are great for first dates is because of the adrenaline factor.

The thrill of the rides is known to bring many a couple together as one acts as protector over the other.

girl in roller coaster

You get on a rollercoaster with a love interest for the same reason you see a scary movie. The fear factor will pull you together.

Once again, this is an awesome opportunity to hold someone close or hold hands.

• The Winning A Teddy Bear Trope— If there is anything that everyone knows is a universal indication of a successful romance, it is one partner’s ability to win a prize for the other.

Whether you’re the one winning the toy or receiving it as a gift, this amusement park game based trope is basically a ritual for future romance.

• The Tunnel of Love Trope— Pretty much every amusement park has some kind of slow and romantic water ride designed for couples to make out in.

This can act as a perfect backdrop for that kiss that you have been trying to work in all night.

It’s also generally a quiet place that you can enjoy talking in for a little while. Since the seats are designed for two, it’s the most intimate place in the park.

What to do

For an amusement park date, there are some things that are simply perfect to do.

These activities will bring you closer, allow you to learn about each other, and they will probably tell you a lot about your date.

Choosing the right activities can be what guarantees that there is going to be a second date at all.

Of course, when choosing activities it is always best to let your date have a say as well.

Don’t force them onto a giant rollercoaster if they have a serious fear of heights.

• Rollercoasters

• Tunnel of Love (Or something comparable)

• Water slides

• Cheesy amusement park games

• Carousel

• Ferris Wheel

• Share some kind of dessert

The risks

You might have woken up today relatively convinced that you were not going to read an article with an entire section on puking, but you were wrong.

The biggest risk when it comes to taking a date to an amusement park is making sure that under no circumstances does anybody puke.

If you know that a rollercoaster will make you or your date sick, don’t do it. If you are known for getting queasy on the spinning tea cups, do NOT do it.

You might think you can pull it together. You might think you can be strong. We are here to tell you that you are wrong. This is the biggest risk.

• Puking


As far as date ideas go, there are few things more stereotypically romantic than taking your date to an amusement park.

It will give you a chance to talk, laugh, and have fun. This is a scenario where if the conversation ever drops, you can always just ask what they want to do next.

It gives you an automatic set of conversations if you find yourself getting a little nervous, which keeps things light.

You would be amazed by how perfect of a setting it truly is. Now get out there, and don’t make a fool of yourself.

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