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How To Eat Healthy At An Amusement Park (It’s Possible)

Eating healthy is an important part of being a human being who plans on staying on this planet for a reasonable duration of time.

You might be doing it because you want to feel better, because you have dietary needs, or because you’re working on slimming down for some upcoming event.

The reason behind eating healthy doesn’t matter. In almost every case, it is a good decision for a person to make.

However, it can complicate your other eating experiences out in the world. One area of particular concern for many people is how to healthy at an amusement park. 

The best way to do it is to just be prepared to do a little extra hunting.

More importantly, be prepared to dodge hordes of unhealthy food because amusement parks love to sell it.

Bringing your own food

This approach can be great for some people, but it can also be difficult.

Depending on the type of amusement park that you visit, they might or might not allow you to bring your own food.

In many cases, amusement parks can be incredibly strict about this. To avoid having your healthy lunch confiscated by the local guards, do your research in advance to determine if you can bring your own food in.

Some places will let you bring in things as long as they are sealed while others have a strict no outside food policy. 

If you go to an amusement park that allows you to bring your own stuff, it should be very easy for you to stick to your healthy eating.

Avoid kiosks and look for restaurants

The majority of kiosks around amusement parks are known for selling grease with a side of sugar. 

While you might find the one golden kiosk that is serving healthy alternatives to fried foods, the majority of the food carts are built around all of your favorite greasy items.

These places tend to have corn dogs, funnel cake, sugary popcorns, and candied nuts.

While all of these things are delicious, they are not conducive to healthy eating.

In almost every case, you will be better off just passing on the carts and heading for the primary food places in the park.

funnel cake

Some parks have food courts and others have straight up restaurants. These places will probably be your best bet at finding food that fits your dietary needs.

Food court foods can have a cheaper variation of healthy foods, but will still likely be based more around fast food options.

In some cases, this might suit your needs. Otherwise, you might need to head out to look for an actual restaurant within the park.

Actual restaurants will have full menus just like anywhere else. This means that these locations will have a balanced combination of healthy and unhealthy foods.

For strict dietary needs, it can be best to go to a place like this to ensure that everyone has a good set of selections when it comes to their meal.

Do keep in mind that amusement park restaurants do have a tendency to be quite a bit more expensive than their out of park alternatives. 

Sometimes it can be best to just eat after you leave the park to avoid having to shell out quite so much money.

Look for stores

As far as healthy snacks go, you might have some luck finding the right kind of foods scattered throughout stores.

Most amusement parks offer convenience store style places that can have a variety of things to suit your needs. 

Some of these places might carry more traditional main brand snacks like healthy nuts or fruits.

These places are generally kept towards the front of the park by the main doors.

Checking them for healthy foods can payoff so long as you don’t mind being overcharged like you will for anything else in the park.

Consider alternatives to less healthy options

In the event that you seem to be striking out when it comes to finding healthy food, don’t forget that you can always ask for alterations to more popular food options.

You can always pass on the bun at the local burger kiosk or order a healthier side option as a main meal.

While these options are not perfect, they might provide you with an easier way to navigate your dietary needs while at the park. 

In most cases, you can always adjust any product until you get something that is less greasy and terrible for you.

We will add that getting a corn dog without the breading is not only a crime, but probably not any healthier at all. 

Remember to avoid temptation

If you’re really worried about eating healthy, it can be a total disaster to wander around a park that is filled with delicious and deceptive smells.

Food options like funnel cake are known for smelling absolutely amazing, but also for causing a lot of regret by people who aren’t even trying to eat healthy much less those who are.

Amusement parks are filled with every variety of fatty and greasy food, so a big park of staying true to eating healthy is resisting their tantalizing aroma.

This can be a quite a feat depending on your preference for deep fried treats, but it is possible.

We’re not saying that you have to run the second that you smell a funnel cake, but it might not be a bad idea.

These places are made to draw you in, so if you really want to eat healthy, you need to avoid them.


Eating healthy at an amusement park can be quite a challenge.

Since these places are known for touting every variety of deep fried foods, you might find yourself facing down a corn dog and walking away consistently reminding yourself that it will absolutely give you a stomach ache.

Fortunately, as we move forward into an age where people accept that eating healthier is actually a really good decision, public spaces are adapting to accommodate that.

You might just find a healthy eatery waiting for you after a little exploration. Look around, and do not heed the call of the funnel cake.

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