How To Not Be Scared Of Roller Coasters

How To Not Be Scared Of Roller Coasters

There are a lot of things in life that can be pretty scary. An intense new experience will give the typical person some degree of anxiety.

For most of us, there are few experiences that we willingly enter that are more intense than getting on a rollercoaster.

Something about flying through the air while you’re strapped to a box on a track going 200 miles per hour is simply less than ideal for your nerves.

It is a safe assumption that any person who has ever gotten on a rollercoaster has a moment of concern and hesitation generally built on the single thought: what if I, like, die? 

Considering the circumstances, this is a completely acceptable thought. However, amusements parks are kind of a thing. That is why we are here to teach you how to not be scared of rollercoasters!

Clinical ways to combat fear

Fear is a natural biological response to danger. It is a very good system that is in place to keep you alive and well.

Trying to convince your brain that whipping and flipping through the air is meant to be fun and you are not being tossed around by a giant metal dragon is difficult, but not impossible.

You just have to know how to manipulate the brain.

Systematic Desensitization— This is a powerful psychology tool for overcoming fear. It is focused on coming to terms with what you are afraid of by slowly exposing youself to it over time.

This might mean starting out with smaller and less terrifying rides or even taking a virtual rollercoaster ride or ten.

You can even start small by watching other people ride a rollercoaster and presumably not die. The idea is built around getting yourself comfortable with the concept and increasing your interactions with it over time.

• Positive Self-Talk— This might seem silly, but sometimes telling yourself that you are going to be fine is really all that you need.

As anxieties begin to grow, focus on telling yourself that realistically you are just going to have a good time.

Remind yourself that you are brave and capable of partaking in this fun but terrifying adventure.

• Support System— Leveraging a support system is a great way to overcome your fears. If you feel supported, you are more likely to be able to cope with any fears that you might be feeling.

A great way to go about this is to recruit a friend or relative to go on this adventure with you.

When you see them calmly going on the ride, it will help you to recalibrate and recognize that you likely are not in any danger.

It may also help to see the natural apprehension that everyone else is feeling as well. This will let you know that you are not alone.

Fun ways to combat fear

In the event that you’re not feeling favorably about some of the more clinical techniques that you can use to combat your fear, there are plenty of ridiculous alternatives.

While these options might not work for everyone, for some people it is exactly what they need to come to terms with some of these problems.

When in doubt, being silly is a great way to combat fear. This is part of the genius behind the Riddikulus spell in Harry Potter. If you can just make yourself laugh, you’ll be fine.

• Be The Person Screaming About Their Own Death— While there is absolutely no science to back this, this is tried and true technique that people are known for.

Everyone has been on a rollercoaster and heard the guy screaming about how he was going to die, and the reality is that is his way of coping. Sometimes it just helps to scream your fears at the top of your lungs.

• Close Your Eyes And Hope For The Best— Sometimes the best way to get over your fear of rollercoasters is to just get on the freaking thing and let it happen.

For a lot of people, what really gets them panicking is the image of the big drop. If you can’t handle it, try closing your eyes and just feeling your way through the ride.

Chances are halfway through you will open your eyes and realize that it isn’t that bad. Worst case, you puke or faint.

• Be The Person Who Scares Other People— This is a technique that might make you feel better, but will likely make other people feel worse.

You can carry out this process by being the one who says things that make everyone else on the rollercoaster anxious.

You might scream out that there is a piece missing in the track or that the seatbelts are failing. There isn’t really any honor in being this person, but sometimes transferring your fear can help you to get past it

Why being afraid is totally okay

People as a whole tend to consider fear to be a weakness. In reality, it is a functioning part of the human mind doing its job.

Realistically, if our only goal is to stay alive, we should probably not be strapping ourselves to high velocity objects for the lolz.

Everyone is afraid of something, and some fear runs deeper than other kinds.

It’s important to remember that it is okay if you are afraid, and just because you are afraid now, it doesn’t mean that you will be afraid forever. It really can pass.


Riding a rollercoaster is a scary experience. Whether you are going for the first time or just trying out a new one, there is always going to be that tinge of fear that comes when you reach the top.

If it wasn’t for that feeling of anticipation and fear, none of us would even ride these things.

When you get on a rollercoaster, being scared is kind of the point. That is what you are paying for.

Learn to love your fear. In the end, it will only give life more depth.

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