Is Legoland Made Out Of Legos?

Is Legoland Made Out Of Legos?

For a person who has been up all night playing around online and finds themselves suddenly thinking about the magic that is Legoland, it might make sense to wonder if Legoland is truly made out of Legos at all.

Though we aren’t sure when else you might care about this, we’ve decided to capitalize on it by addressing the legitimacy of this so-called Legoland.

The answer is that yes, Legoland is made out of Legos. However, it is important to acknowledge that it is not completely made out of Legos, mostly because that would be insane.

Most definitely yes

From a “holy crap, Legos are everywhere” perspective, Legoland is absolutely made out of Legos. Everywhere you look at Legoland has Legos.

There are Lego machines, Lego statues, Lego walls. There is absolutely no lack of Legos when it comes to Legoland.

When you visit one of these places, you are signing up for seeing Legos every single time you blink for like the next two weeks.

There are more Legos at these places than on the floor of a daycare center, and that is saying something. If you are looking to see more Legos than your eyes can behold, go to Legoland.

Between literal structures and marketing, you might honestly believe that all of it is just highly complex Lego rides and staff.

It is that serious. This is the last place where you would ever want to take your shoes off. 

Most definitely no

When it comes down to the actual logistics of Legoland, it’s kind of an obvious truth that Legoland isn’t completely made of Legos.

If you think that this is shady marketing, we have a few reasons why you might just want to leave this one alone.

From a physics perspective, the last thing that anyone wants is to have their survival entirely dependent upon the steadfastness of Legos.

lego statue

If you have ever tried to make a Lego sword and then taken it into battle, you know exactly why this would be a freaking nightmare.

Legoland has rides. It is mostly composed of totally epic rides. While some adventurous soul might not take issue with riding a slow moving train on a lego track, no one on this earth is ever going to ride a rollercoaster made of Legos.

Sure, Legos are great and helped us all build our dream homes, but they aren’t exactly qualified for complex structures. If they were, building costs would probably be a lot lower because who wouldn’t love a Lego house?

Imagine strapping into a car made from Legos and traveling at a high velocity and literally thinking “hope the Legos hold” while you fly through loops. Even if it was safe, people probably still wouldn’t do it on principle.

A major thing to consider in the whole “should it all be Legos” debate is the matter of plumbing.

Aside from the fact that a Lego toilet seat would be absolutely horrible, something about Legos being responsible source material for toilets or sewage systems just doesn’t sit right, I think we can all admit.

Sometimes, it is simply best to stick with old and boring.

The primary reason that Legoland isn’t entirely made of Legos is because the buildings could never possibly be up to code.

Imagine staying in a Legoland hotel room and trusting Lego bricks to hold while the little kid in the room above you is jumping up and down.

The sheer lack of safety, particularly when making more complex structures, is just absolutely next level.

There are rules when it comes to building structures, and there is a reason for that. It is so we don’t all die after being crushed by ten tons of Legos. 

The real magic of Legoland

At the end of the day, Legoland doesn’t need to be made entirely out of Legos for it to live up to its name.

The power of Legoland is that it shows kids (and adults) that you can build a lot of seriously cool crap with some basic building blocks and a little creativity.

When you go to Legoland, it isn’t just a couple of basic Lego castles. It’s a full experience with structures designed to teach people about physics and all kinds of other cool things.

You can learn math while playing with Legos. If that isn’t your thing, you can stroll over to look at all of the crazy Lego art.

Legoland is not completely made out of Legos, but there are so many amazing works of science and art in these places that it doesn’t need to be.

You don’t need to see a hotel built out of Legos to learn about certain building designs. This place provides an opportunity for kids to interact and play together while learning at the same time.


There is truly something for everyone, and that is part of the charm. It is likely that no one has ever left Legoland and said that there weren’t enough Legos. There are plenty, and the Legos aren’t even the point.


If you learned that Legoland is not completely made out of Legos today and were disappointed by this, we would like to apologize.

However, the fact is that there are more than enough things made out of Legos at these amusement parks.

There are things made out of Legos that you likely couldn’t have dreamt up even if you had an incredibly high fever and fell asleep watching a Lego commercial.

Considering the potential hazard that this park would have been if it was truly made of Legos, we should all be grateful that the owners, who are not even affiliated with Lego, decided against making an entire amusement park with everything built out of Legos.

It would probably have ended really, really badly. So, no, it isn’t completely made out of Legos, but enough of it is.

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