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Water Park Hacks For The Best Day Ever!

Visiting a water park is one of the best ways to spend a warm day, especially in summer.

Though water parks are known for being all kinds of fun, there are certain things that can help you get the absolute most out of your day.

Knowing how to navigate a water park effectively can allow you to leave with nothing but amazing memories and awesome tan lines.

This is why we have assembled this awesome list of water park hacks to help you get the absolute most out of your day.

Use electrolyte powder to stay hydrated

When you are spending your day out in the scorching heat under the blazing sun, staying hydrated can be absolutely crucial when it comes to getting the most out of your day.

While it can be a bit of a pain to chug a bottle of water between rides, using electrolyte powder is an awesome water park hack that can help you to achieve maximum hydration with minimal fluid intake.

Some electrolyte powders can help you hold onto water so effectively that one bottle of water becomes the equivalent of three.

This is a great way to stay healthy and hydrated in an easy way.

As an added bonus, some of these powders come in seriously amazing flavors that are incredibly enjoyable and refreshing.

Use the bathroom by the entrance to dodge lines

If you have ever been to a water park in the middle of summer, you know that the lines in the bathroom can be absolutely insane. 

This is particularly problematic since most people don’t head off to the bathroom until they really have to go because they are having too much fun.

If you don’t want to wait twenty minutes to get your chance to pee, consider walking a little further to the bathrooms that are farther from the attractions themselves.

The bathroom over by the main entrance is almost always likely to have much smaller lines, if any at all, since most people will just go to the bathroom closest to the rides.

Get a locker to protect your stuff

There are a lot of people at water parks, and this means that it can sometimes be a little dangerous to leave your nicer artifacts unattended. 

In order to avoid having to worry about anything expensive like your wallet or your phone, one great water park hack is to take the time to get yourself an onsite locker so that you can keep your precious items safe and out of the sun.

This will help you by making sure that you won’t have to spend any time worrying about your favorite things, and since most mobile devices aren’t meant to be in extreme heat, this can help preserve the life of your beloved cell phone.

Use sunblock sticks for easy reapplication

Though everyone knows that they need to reapply sunblock regularly in order to dodge getting burnt, most people don’t realize how many forms sunblock actually comes in.

Sunblock sticks are a simple and effective way to get the benefit of a good sunblock without forcing you to carry a large bottle.

These compact sticks can give you great sunblock in an easy way, and since they come in travel sizes, you can easily carry one on you so the fun never has to stop!

Get a waterproof phone case to keep your phone on you

Waterproof phone cases are all the rage for people embracing water sports, so it only makes sense that these items are absolutely perfect for a day at the water park.

This allows you to take your phone anywhere with you on the water park while still allowing it to stay safe and protected.

As an added bonus, you can dip your phone inside the case into the water to help it cool down from all of that raging summer heat.

These devices are a great water park hack forgetting awesome water park photos and videos without risking your phone’s life.

You can even stash money or credit cards with it instead of bringing your wallet!

Bring a change of clothes to avoid dripping in the car

Though the water park is a ton of fun, there are few fun things about crawling into your precious car when you are absolutely soaked.

We all love the water park, but there are a lot of people in that water and no one ever leaves these places feeling clean.

We all know the struggle of having pool water soak into a car seat. It can be smelled for weeks, or worse, might discolor the fabric.

In order to dodge this, bring a quick change of clothes so that when you do get into the car, you aren’t wet.

This means even if you don’t rinse off, your car won’t get soiled.

Pack mini shampoo and soap for easy showers

Anyone who has ever used a public shower knows the absolute horror of publicly available showering products.

Worse, a lot of water parks and pools don’t provide any soap at all, making your so-called shower relatively pointless.

In order to get the most out of your shower so that you can confidently leave a water park feeling clean and ready for dinner, take your own travel-sized shampoos and soaps so that you can enjoy a quality shower after the pool.

Wear pool shoes to avoid burning hot concrete

Out of all of the problems that come with water parks, few are quite as pressing as scalding hot concrete.

While you might be able to jump from puddle to puddle, sometimes the path to your next favorite water slide is paved with concrete that has been baking in the scalding hot sun. 

Though some people might opt for running around in flip-flops, that style of shoe is not always conducive to going down water slides and the like.

This is what makes pool shoes such a great alternative.

They can protect you from sun, safely get wet, and won’t fly off when you go on your adventures.


Enjoying a great day at the water park is fun for pretty much everyone, but you can get the absolute most out of your day by using these water park hacks.

Knowing how to enjoy your day in a simple and easy way is conducive to having an awesome time, which is why you should not only try these, but continue to experiment and innovate so that you can maximize on fun. 

Remember, your biggest focus is staying healthy, hydrated, and having fun.

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