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What Not To Wear On A Rollercoaster

When you’re enjoying a good time on a rollercoaster, the last thing that you want to deal with is a wardrobe malfunction.

As a general rule, you should probably avoid wearing anything nice. You’ll want to wear something that is more comfortable and secure.

In many cases, wearing the wrong thing on a rollercoaster can lead to discomfort at best and complete embarrassment at worst.

Knowing the difference between what is an is not good for rollercoaster attire can absolutely save your day at your favorite amusement park.

This is why we have carefully constructed this guide to teach you what not to wear on a rollercoaster.

There are some things that are just destined to ruin your day, and we want to avoid them.

Loose clothes are your enemy

As far as rollercoaster clothing goes, there are few things worse to wear for a rollercoaster than really loose clothing.

We don’t mean the kind of casually loose clothing that is all the rage these days, but rather the kind of loose clothing that is known to pull off some interesting acrobatic stunts when exposed to high speeds.

It is all fun and games until you go to look at your complimentary rollercoaster picture just to realize that you accidentally flashed the camera and are now on display for all of the lingering families to see.

Beyond the very understandable concern that there might be a flashing risk with loose clothing, there is also the potential for straight up awkward discomfort.

Loose clothing when exposed to high velocities can do some pretty erratic things.

It won’t matter that you’re wearing a tank top under the shirt if the wind forces you to get repeatedly slapped in the face with your shirt.

When you’re moving very quickly, loose clothing can take on a life of its own, and it is almost always at your peril.

Avoid wearing anything that looks like it will aggressively flap in a strong enough breeze. It’s just not worth the effort.

Tight clothes are just as bad

Now, you might have read the previous paragraphs and decided that wearing your tightest outfit might spare you from humiliation and discomfort, but you would be wrong.

In reality, a tight outfit can do just as much damage if not worse.

Tight clothing is known for being uncomfortable when you can stand perfectly upright, but when you’re being thrown and contorted in odd ways, you run the risk that your clothing is going to do something horrible.

It’s all fun and games until you have burns on your hips from your jeans being ground into your skin.

Areas where the clothing is too tight will without question get bothered as you’re being tossed around on loops and flips.

In the same vein of loose clothing issues, tight clothes also run a pretty significant risk of causing you to accidentally put it all on display.

When you’re being twisted and spun around at high speeds, chances are the perfect pose you hold to keep your tight clothes in place will be lost. 

people upside down on roller coaster

This means you might end up with your pants lower than you expect or the unfortunate reality that you might end up with your shirt lower than where it should be.

Since you will be on a rollercoaster, it is not easy to fix these problems.

Your best case scenario is trying to hold everything in place and praying that your ability to hold still at two hundred miles per hour outweighs the force of the rollercoaster.

Anything that can slip off will

The biggest thing to keep in mind when you get on a rollercoaster is that anything that is loose will likely fly off.

For the safety of yourself and others, you never want to get on a rollercoaster with any loose articles on your person.

This might mean your oversized sneakers that you don’t tie or a hat. It could even be the wallet in your pocket or your cell phone.

Making sure that nothing on your body can easily fly off of your body is a crucial way to ensure that you enjoy your rollercoaster experience.

Every single rollercoaster ride has that one guy with an overpriced baseball cap that flies off at the first turn of the coaster.

It’s awful because not only does that guy lose or damage his property, but he’s making more work for the employees. 

When you’re on a rollercoaster and something flies off of you, there are a few options.

In the worst case scenario, whatever you have on you will fly off and potentially injure someone.

This might mean your hat flying off and whacking someone in the eye or a shoe being torn from your foot and sent hurtling to the ground at top speed towards an innocent bystander.

The best case scenario is that either your item is lost forever or an unfortunate amusement park employee has to go tramping around under the rollercoaster to help you find whatever it is that you lost after so clearly not reading the sign about loose items. Either way, you’re kind of the worst.


For fans of rollercoasters, finding the right outfit can feel tricky. There’s a delicate balance between dressing well for a fun day in public and wearing something that will keep you comfortable and secure.

As a general rule, you should probably avoid wearing anything nice. You’ll want to wear something that is more comfortable and secure.

This will make it possible for you to focus on having a good time without having to worry about your horrible wardrobe malfunctions.

Just remember that rollercoasters put you in a lot of awkward positions and it’s probably just best to wear something that is completely comfortable and won’t move around too much.

Secure your clothing choice and you’ll be ready for a good time.

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