You Will Have So Much Fun At These Amusement Parks in South Florida

You Will Have So Much Fun At These Amusement Parks in South Florida

Florida is a renowned place for vacationers around the world.

Something about the sandy beaches, endless sun, and huge alligator risk makes this state attract visitors like none other.

If you’re looking for somewhere warm to visit, Florida is the state you head over to for that tan in the middle of winter that will make all of your friends and coworkers jealous.

Fortunately, for some added fun in the sun, south Florida offers several delightful amusement parks for you to visit.

These awesome locations will make you never want to leave! Like, seriously, it’s a problem.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Located in Tampa, Florida.

If you have ever heard anyone talk about Busch Gardens, this is the Busch Gardens that they were talking about.

This amazing amusement park is filled with all kinds of goodies that will guarantee you have a great time.

Under the caress of the Florida sunshine, you can enjoy running around their totally amazing park complete with rides and exciting animal experiences.

This will let you get your tan game on while you enjoy flying around on death defying rollercoasters or gamble on their whitewater rafting expedition! 

If you’re not that interested in going on rides, they also have plenty of options for you.

At this park you can go for a unique safari experience complete with a giraffe feeding session or you can enjoy any number of shows.

According to the visitors, the food available is also something to behold. You can even enjoy a two for one experience with select other south Florida amusement parks if you buy tickets online. It’s a steal of a deal.

Rapids Water Park

Located in Riviera Beach, Florida.

If you’re looking for an awesome Florida beach experience without necessarily risking getting eaten by sharks, Rapids Water Park is an absolute treat planted in Riviera Beach.

This water park is completely family friendly, but that doesn’t mean that all of their rides are boring.

In fact, on their website Rapids Water Park is kind enough to break down the water rides by thrill level and age group.

Whether you are looking for an experience that will make you scream your head off or you just want to enjoy some body boarding action, this waterpark is an amazing way to spend a day in Southern Florida.

If you are hoping for a fun way to escape the Florida heat, look no further than this watery adventure that will have you laughing, hooting, and hollering the whole time!

Universal Studios Florida

Located in Orlando, Florida.

If there is one park that you will without question hear people talking about in Florida, it’s Universal Studios.

This park is known for its over the top rides and limited edition experiences.

Whether you’re looking to kick it with some minions or you want to wander into the ultimate Harry Potter experience, this amusement park is pretty much guaranteed to show you a good time.

You can spend days at this park on end without ever running out of things to do, which is why so many people are season ticket holders.

In fact, Universal Studios is known to do some seriously cool things around Halloween as an added bonus.

These temporary themed events are something to behold and without question worth planning a vacation around.

If you have the money to spend, visiting Universal Studios is basically an amusement park enthusiast right of passage.

Legoland Florida Resort

Located in Winter Haven, Florida.

For those of you who prefer Legos to Harry Potter, look no further than the glory that is Legoland.

This captivating Lego themed amusement park is sure to bring out anyone’s inner child, and even comes with the added bonus of some seriously cool luxury hotel rooms.

Every part of this park is made to be an experience that will inspire shock, awe, and creativity.

lego land

You can enjoy walking around as you tour the various Lego structures on display for all the world to see or you can pass your time on some rides while you chase down the perfect adrenaline high.

Every square foot of this place is designed to be observed and experienced, making it a fun visit for people who aren’t that interested in going on rides too.

If you’re looking for something fun with random bits of education sprinkled in, Legoland is an awesome place to visit.

Magic Kingdom Park

Located In Bay Lake, Florida.

This is one of the most renowned park for bringing childish joy to the hearts of even the biggest jerks around.

This complete Disney experience grants you access to all kinds of brilliant displays including rides, shows, and more.

Everywhere you look, Disney characters are beckoning you to enjoy your day and make all of your dreams come true.

As an added bonus, you can even go visit Disney characters in their natural habitats. Ariel is waiting at her grotto to say hello.

When you’re done visiting with princesses, you can head over for a complete pirate experience alongside Captain Jack Sparrow, or you can enjoy the fireworks show over the castle.

disney land magic kingdom

This park offers something beautiful and amazing for all visitors to behold, making it a great place for groups.

After a long day on the rollercoasters, head down to Splash Mountain to cool off or sit down for a live show with Mickey and his friends.

For adults, there is no lack of places to get a fine dining experience and enjoy a few drinks. This place is truly one in a million.


Florida is an obvious top five consideration when you are looking to plan your next big vacation.

Though you might not want to visit it in hurricane season, this beautiful state is a sight to behold year round and will allow you access to some truly thrilling experiences.

The biggest problem when it comes to visiting amusement parks in south Florida is that you will quickly find yourself wishing that you could stay forever.

The weather is great, the sun is high, and these exciting amusement parks will be more than happy to show you a good time.

Good luck picking just one for your next big trip!

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